Please find the details below:

For Client: Mind Tree (L5 Company) (.mind tee.)

Exp: 3.6 to 8+ Yrs
Client: Mind Tee
Current: India
Wok Location: Bangalore

Req for SAP ABAP OOPS Webdynpro, Need your support on this requirement as it is on Priority.

Note: Please process candidates only with less than 30days NP, no relaxation on this as we need to onboard people within a month’s time.

C3/ C4: JC – MT1674L
Must Have’s:

• Looking for an Very strong ABAP OOPS with Webdynpro Technical consultant with 4-8 yrs of experience.

• Candidate Communication and Interpersonal should be Excellent as it would be a High Level Customer facing role.

• Looking for a Strong Technical Candidate, with good logical programming knowledge.

Good To Have:

• FPM – Floor Plan Manager is a Good to have


Please don’t reply if you already submitted to Mindtree during last 6 months through any consultancy or attended any interview with Mindtree.

Please fill in the following details: (all are Mandatory)

Full Name (As per Passport) -------------------
Contact No.: ---------------
PAN Card Num……….
Email ID: --------------
Date of Birth: -------------
Qualification: -------------
Pass out yea: -------------
University: ------------
Total Experience: --------
Relevant Experience: --------
CTC: -------
ECTC: --------
NP (Max 30 to 45 Days): ------
Current Company: ----------------
Current Location: ----------------

Please ignore this mail if already submitted/ Not Interested/ not matching for you area of interest.

Send me only if you profile matches the above mention Job Description.

Thanks & Regards
Ramesh N

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