There is an opening in DHL Express India for Product Specialist reporting to the Product Head- South Asia. ( part of the product marketing team)

Role Profile

Organisational Background Information

BMR title / Role title

Product Executive

Corporate Division


Business Division


Business Unit


Overall Role Purpose

Assist the Product Manager to manage product and sector development, and provide support to the sales teams in sector and market analysis through defining service specifications and liasing with relevant departments to achieve them.

Reports to

Product Manager



Scope of Role

Budgeted T/O in m or bn €


Number of countries covered


No. Of FTEs


Direct/Indirect reports [year]

€XXX of country’s total annual turnover [2004]

[input country name]

Total No. of FTEs managed within the function


Size of budget or assets
in m or bn €

Expected profit of business
in m or bn €

Other relevant dimension

Other relevant dimension

€XX p.a. of Advertising & Promotions budget/spend – representing XX% of total revenue

€XX – XX% of revenue


Key activities

Overall goals / Typical measures


- Internal

Product Manager

§ Assist in developing marketing campaigns targeted at industry-specific segments and sectors

§ Assist to deploy new products to capture business opportunities

§ Assist to perform customer segmentation and manage customer database

§ Constantly refine and re-engineer processes and systems towards optimising resources effectively

Country Marketing Function:

§ Provide quality analysis for potential issues identification or performance tracking

Country Sales Team

§ Provide support for new product roll out as well as existing business healthy check

· Product / Sector programs can be timely launched to support marketing / sales goals


- External

- Internal

Research Companies

§ Gather secondary research data/ market info for preparation of research brief

§ Prepare customer database for research sampling purpose

Country Sales Team

§ Industry / Market Analysis

§ Segment industries and sectors for sales penetration

§ Seek intelligence and feedback from sales relating to sector developments

§ Communicate essential market / industry information to sales teams

Operations/Customer Service

§ Provide and seek support towards successful implementation of marketing campaigns and new products and services

· Secondary research data / market info / customer database can be timely provided

· Market / competitors’ info are monthly updated to share with sales and management team

· Market / competitors’ info or required analysis are submitted to RO as per schedule


Product / Business Development

§ Identify business development opportunities through evaluations and analysis

§ Analyse and develop value-added products / services

§ Define competitive service specifications and target markets for penetration

§ Revamp other existing product lines as needed

§ Develop analysis and studies profiling heavy weight business opportunities

§ Manage product yield whilst pursing market share

Sector Management

§ Evaluate sector capabilities and advise sector strategies

§ Monitor competitor service and review pricing by sectors

§ Assist in the management of transit time

§ Analyse opportunities relating to DHL’s capabilities, e.g. Asia Air Network and monitor competitors’ plans

Information Support Systems Utilization and Enhancements

§ Manage information database

§ Develop a mechanism to monitor the performance of acquired accounts

· Product / service are developed or enhanced to improve service competitiveness in order to satisfy customers’ needs

· Program target can be achieved

· Service levels (e.g. transit time, cut-off time, etc) are timely tracked to ensure service competitiveness against market

· Post-program launch analysis for future reference

People – Management

· Incumbent has no direct reports and authority over country line and functional personnel. Nevertheless he/she must be able to demonstrate ability to influence decisions/actions.

· Informal influence to enable improvement and change within the organisation

Skills / Qualifications

Key capabilities


§ Statistical analysis

§ Software skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)


Competency segment ‘Business’

Analysis: Breaks down a problem, situation or process into its component parts, separates the main issues from side-issues, understands the nature of parts and their relationship to one another. Seeks out and critically evaluates both numerical and narrative information. Draws accurate conclusions.

Planning & Organizing: Sets clear and realistic goals and objectives. Establishes a course of action and a sequence of steps to ensure that activities and objectives are efficiently achieved. Is structured with good personal organization. Schedules time effectively and uses efficient work methods and tools.

Decision Making: Makes timely and appropriate choices based on accurate analysis and experience. Uses sound judgment even in conditions of uncertainty. Anticipates impact of decisions and plans how to manage risk.

Results Orientation: Continually seeks to accomplish critical tasks with measurable results. Overcomes obstacles and makes adjustments to achieve results. Focuses self and others to achieve targets aligned with business goals.

Competency segment ‘Leadership’

Teamwork: Works cooperatively with others to achieve target and objectives. Accomplishes own tasks in support of team goals and actively offers to help colleagues. Supports group decisions.

Competency segment ‘Personal’

Accountability: Acts responsibly. Can be counted on to keep commitments. Complies with the intent of policies, procedures and agreements. Builds others' trust in own professionalism, integrity, ex pertise and ability to get results.

Communication: Provides both verbal and written information in a timely, clear and concise manner. Expresses ideas effectively, adjusting style, tools and mode to the needs of others. Listens attentively, and summarizes or asks questions, when needed, to clarify information.

Self Management: Remains calm, objective and controlled in responding to urgent or demanding situations. Maintains effective performance under pressure. Stays positive.

Expected years of experience

· 1-3 years experience in a business development, product development or marketing role

· Experience in customer and prospect segmentation and in customer database management

Educational Qualifications

Degree in Business/Marketing

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