ICICI Fellows is a social leadership programme.

This programme nurtures the leader in you by enabling you to envision a future, mobilise people, thoughts and resources to create a brand new India

It's the first ever comprehensive leadership programme in India which has the right balance of management training, experiential learning and personality development.

It's a 2 year intensive, experiential learning programme that will equip you to take on any professional challenge. It will bring about a 360 degrees change in the way you think about the world, challenge your existing belief systems and redefine your ideologies.

At the end of 2 years, as an ICICI Fellow you will be a professional who will lead India into a better tomorrow.

ICICI Fellows is structured to have 3 tightly interlinked components.

Management Training

The fellowship will commence with a one month management training programme designed by Institute of Financial Management & Research (IFMR), one of the leading business schools in India. The principles learnt here will then be applied to development issues in a real world classroom - amidst the Niligiri Hills in South India.

Experiential Learning

As the entire programme is designed for you to gain a true pulse of the country, there are many modules which focus on experiential learning.

After the management training you will be deployed with a leading NGO in a managerial capacity anywhere in India, to gain a deeper understanding of rural sensitivities of the country. Here, you will work closely with an experienced team of senior professionals from the organization on various issues faced by the local community. Every 6 months you will join other ICICI Fellows on a journey to far and wide corners of India - in the North east, amidst the Himalayas and in the Thar Desert. These outward journeys will bring you close to your inner self. And this will bring about an unfathomable self transformation.

Personal Development & Mentoring

At the beginning of the programme, you will be assigned a personal coach for a period of 2 years. The coach will interact with you on a fortnightly basis helping you put together a personal development plan, enabling you to achieve it and helping you overcome roadblocks in between. To shape the leaders in you, you will also be mentored regularly by senior professionals from the organisation.

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